Rudding Holiday Park North Yorkshire

Holiday Park Policies

These park rules are in place for the good management of the Holiday Park, and the enjoyment and benefit of all who use it. You as a guest of the Holiday Park should ensure that you, or anyone staying with you is aware of these rules. You are reminded that a breach of these rules may result in you being asked to leave the Holiday Park, ignorance is not a defence. 

For those guests who own property on the Holiday Park these rules form part of the Annual Contract you enter into, the contract between “you” and “us” for your occupation of your pitch on which your accommodation is located within the Holiday Park. These rules should be read alongside that contract

Within the Annual contract the expression, “you/yours” means the Caravan Owner and/or Occupier (and this includes anyone using your caravan). The expression “we/us/our” refers to the Holiday Park owner and/or Manager. The Holiday Park rules do not affect anything, which you are entitled to under the terms of your Annual contract. However you are reminded that a breach of these rules is a breach of your Annual contract, and may result in it being terminated, and you being asked to leave the park.

All guests should use the Holiday Park safely, and should not cause danger to themselves or others. You should obey all health and safety notices displayed around the Holiday Park, and act on the reasonable instruction of the Holiday Park staff in all matters relating to health and safety.  

Parents - Please supervise all children, including visiting children properly so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others.

Expected Behaviour

All guests are expected to act in a responsible and courteous manner whilst on the Holiday Park. In the event of a guest/owner who persistently acts in a manner likely to upset or annoy other users of the park, Holiday Park staff, or who is guilty of a criminal offence, we reserve the right to ask this person to leave the Holiday Park. From that date You will be banned from entering the Holiday Park and arrangements made to remove your caravan or lodge from the park.

Vehicle, driving and parking
ALL vehicles must keep to the Speed Limit of 10mph whilst on the Park


All vehicles and caravans entering the Holiday Park must be fully insured, and in a roadworthy condition. The Holiday Park reserves the right to refuse entry or remove any vehicle that is deemed to be unroadworthy.

Vehicles with commercial sign writing are not permitted on the touring/seasonal pitches, and will be asked to park in an alternative car park.

You may not carry out any work on vehicles whilst on the Holiday Park. Major vehicle repairs such as dismantling of part(s) of the engine, or work which involves the removal of oil or other fuels are not permitted

Motor vehicle repairs must not be carried out on the holiday park unless by a recognised breakdown service.

Quad bikes, trial bikes, powered scooters, sedge ways, and motorised go-karts are not permitted on the Holiday Park.

Guests are not permitted to wash their cars or caravans on the Holiday Park using a hosepipe.

Other than for delivering good and services you must not park or allow parking of commercial vehicles of any sort in the holiday park including light commercial or goods vehicles (as defined by the vehicle taxation laws relating to that vehicle) intended for domestic use, but derived from or adapted from such a commercial vehicle.


Cars are permitted on the Holiday Park for the purposes of access only.

All vehicles must be driven in a safe and careful manner, and the driver must hold a full driving licence for the vehicle concerned.

Learner drivers are not permitted on the holiday park and you are not permitted to give anyone driving lessons on the holiday park.

You must not use a car to drive around the Holiday Park for the purposes of visiting other locations on the Holiday Park save to the extent of a disability. Reasonable evidence of a disability may be requested at any time, by a member of Holiday Park staff.

Driving is strictly restricted to the roads around the Holiday Park


All guests must park in a designated parking space. You may not park anywhere else than in the parking spaces allocated to your pitch, caravan, or lodge.

You must not park on the grass or roadside.

Only 1 car may be parked on a touring/seasonal pitch at any one time.


You are solely responsible for securing your caravan, tent, motorhome or lodge. You may only use alarms of the silent monitored type, and not audible alarms.

All visitors to Rudding Holiday Park must obtain permission before entering the park. The Holiday Park is private property, and only people lawfully staying with our permission have permission to enter the park.

We do not permit traders or sales men access to the park except with our prior consent.

Condition of the Caravan

You must not change the colour of the exterior of your caravan or lodge without the prior consent of the Holiday Park.

Your pitch

You are responsible for the cleanliness and upkeep of your pitch

You are responsible for keeping the immediate area clean and tidy, and free from rubbish.

TV aerials or satellite dishes are only permitted with our express written consent.

Only one storage shed is permitted on each pitch. The design, size and standard of the shed must be approved by the holiday park owner, in writing, and so positioned as to comply with the holiday park’s licence conditions.


You may only use washing lines of the rotary type or the window sill type only, and these must be removed and stored out of sight immediately after each use.

All washing lines must be sited in an area so not to cause an inconvenience to other Holiday Park users, and/or Holiday Park operations. No washing may be hung from trees around the holiday park.


Refuse must not be left or deposited outside your caravan/ holiday home. You should use the refuse bins provided or place rubbish directly in the skips provided.

Recycling points are available on the Holiday Park and you should use these facilities where possible.

Enclosure of your pitch

We do not permit the erection of fences or any means of enclosing the pitch.

Trees, Shrubs and Grass

You may not plant any trees/shrubs or cut down any trees or prune any hedges on the Holiday Park. If you find any tree or hedge that has become a nuisance then please report this to the Holiday Park Reception, and our Gardeners will take any necessary action.

Should the grass around your pitch or lodge require cutting the Holiday Park can arrange for the grass to be cut. The Holiday Park cannot loan equipment for the cutting of grass under Health and Safety Legislation.

Visitors to your Caravan

The Holiday Park is private property and only people lawfully staying with our permission have permission to enter the park.  Visitors must leave the park by 11.00pm. It is your responsibility to ensure all visitors, and/or occupiers of your caravan/lodge adhere to the Holiday park rules.

All visitors with cars will be asked to park them in the car park at Reception, or if full in designated areas within the Holiday Park.

Please observe, and take all reasonable steps to ensure that all people who use or visit you and/or your caravan/holiday home (including in each case children in their party) adopt the following standards of behaviour.

You, or they, must not:

*commit any acts of vandalism or nuisance

* use fireworks

* keep or carry any firearm or any other weapon at the park

* use any unlawful drugs

* carry on any trade or business at the park


No abuse towards Holiday Park staff will be tolerated, any person directing abuse towards a member of Rudding Park staff will be asked to leave the Holiday Park immediately and depending on the severity a ban maybe imposed, and arrangements made to remove the caravan/tent, and lodge from the Holiday Park.

You should respect the privacy of other Holiday Park users and keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 9pm -11pm with absolute quiet after 11pm.

You must keep away from vacant pitches

Any BBQs must be finished by 9pm and strictly NO FIREPITS ARE ALLOWED.

Any party or friendly gathering must be dispersed by 10pm

You may only consume alcoholic drinks within the boundaries of your own pitch or the Holiday

Parks licenced premises.

Anyone found using fire hoses or extinguishers for purposes other than which it is designed for will be asked to leave the Holiday Park.

You must not use drones, powered model aircraft, or other powered flying objects on the holiday park. Chinese lanterns, fireworks or similar items are strictly forbidden

Electric and Gas

All Calor gas cylinders must be purchased via the Holiday Park reception, no other supplier are  permitted. New gas orders must be received during Reception office hours and paid for, deliveries will be made to the pitch within 48 hours. Holiday Park staff cannot supply gas or electric outside office hours.

If you experience any problems with the Holiday Park’s electrical, gas or water system you must contact the Holiday Park Reception or Warden. You must not attempt to work on any part of the Holiday Park’s electrical, gas or water systems yourself, and this includes any installations on the pitch.

Drainage System

You must not introduce any foreign items into the drainage system including cleaning cloths, wet wipes, baby’s nappies, sanitary towels, condoms, cooking fats, engine oil and/or grease or paint.

Any drainage blockage found to be directly caused by a guest will be charged for the unblocking of the pipes.


You must not dig any holes on or around the Holiday Park


All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times whilst on the Holiday Park. Dogs may only run free within the dog walking area.

All guests must be respectful of other guests and walk their pets in designated areas only, and not allow them to soil areas around other Holiday Park user’s accommodation.

All guests must clean up their animals mess at the time, and dispose of it in the allocated bins. Any guest failing to comply will be asked to leave the Holiday Park.

Pets are not allowed in the Deer House, but are welcome to use the terraced seating area outside.


Ball games are only permitted to be played on the playing field near the Deer House

Kites may not be flown on the Holiday Park

Skateboards, roller skates, roller blades and micro scooters are not permitted on the Holiday Park.

Swimming Pool Safety

The Rules and Regulation for the use of the swimming pool are displayed at the Swimming Pool, and must be adhered to at all times.

An adult must accompany children using the swimming pool at all times.