1. Pool parties do not include life guard, only a swimming pool attendant. If the children are non-swimmers and are unable to be alone in the pool, the party host and/or parents must stay in the pool with the party guests.

  2. All food and beverage is provided by the Deerhouse pub.  Outside food is only permitted with express written approval of the Holiday Park Manager, and in that case will be the responsibility of the party host.

  3. The pool staff reserves the right to cancel or postpone a swim party, if necessary. The opportunity for a full refund will be extended if the group does wish to reschedule the event subject to availability.

  4. All pool party reservations must be made at least one week before the date of the event.

  5. Party hosts are responsible for informing their guests of all pool rules and regulations. Violations of these rules and regulations by any member of the pool party group could result in termination of the party with no refund to the party guests.

  6. The party host must be present in the pool area for the duration of the party, and is responsible for the behaviour of the party guests.

  7. Pool parties shall be properly chaperoned and supervised by the adult guests. One supervising adult should be present for every four children under 12 years of age.

  8. Parties are limited to one hour in length and schedule after 5.30pm. Our suggestion is that the first 60minutes are spent in the pool, then moving into the Deerhouse family pub for gifts and meal.

  9. Showering before and after using the pool is very important.

  10. The Rudding Park pool attendants are responsible for closing the pool during occurrences of thunder of lighting. For thunder or lightning, all individuals must remain out of the pool for 30 minutes.